Friday, August 1, 2008

Jessica + Jake Wedding Portraits

Jessica made a very wise decision. Well, two wise decisions. First she decided to marry Jake, then she decided to invest in some portraits of the two of them together in a gorgeous setting. This shoot was amazingly fun! By the end of it we were all laughing like old friends. Thanks for the awesome idea Jessica - a very wise decision indeed. And thanks to Travis for the awesome referral.

By the way, all of the above images are shot on film. I think I'm in love.


kelli said...

these look fabulous. great great job.
miss you guys.

Michael said...

Film and Whitney sitting in a tree..


Katie said...

I hope you have a lot more shoots with film and gorgeous settings because the result is fantastic!

Breanne said...

Whitney! These are lovely. Gorgeous.

Jonathan Canlas said...

all hail film.

Travis Lovell said...

I give a great referral. I have links to your blog on mine....I'm noticing a great inequality here. Oh well, I'm glad you had fun anyways. Jessica's great and your pictures turned out great.

elise L photography said...

where were these taken?? and that close up of her is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Whitney Hardie said...

Thanks, Elise! These were taken at the trailhead to Timp. (right above Aspen Grove) and just a little field near there.