Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Change in Prices

I am changing my CD prices - effective immediately. The current pricing scheme is available through the "pricing and contact" link in the sidebar and has also been implemented into my instaproofs site.

These changes are good for a number of reasons:

1. More customizable - you don't need high res images if you just want to post photos on your blog or facebook. Now you can buy a CD that fits your needs.

2. Encourages print sales - for some reason we are CD hungry these days. I personally have a CD from my wedding. It sits in a drawer. It took me over a year to print just a couple of pictures. Probably should have just ordered prints from my photographer. Then I'd have more to show than just a CD in a slipcase.

3. Less time with the scanner - these days the less hours I spend next to that blessed/cursed machine, the better. I prefer to be shooting. Cleaning dust is not my passion. Less scanning = happier photographer.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. As always, thanks for reading!

If anyone actually reads to the end of this post, this is their reward - a picture of me suffering from eye strain after typing all that. Do my ears always stick out that far?


Jonathan Canlas said...

your hair is awesome.

we will be getting a scanner in 09 with digital ice and it bulk loads 220.

what does that mean? um, heaven on earth.

Shelley said...

I think you look beautiful :)

Kelli Nicole said...

I have pictures of myself like that. I love it. You are hilarious. And just so you know, my word verification for this post is 'wingspok.' I think that's pretty cool. At 4 am anyway.

James and Lucy Millward said...

Oh Wymount

Jess said...

you're beautiful! I love you whit

Kelsey said...

No, I don't think your ears usually stick out that far. But then again, I don't really pay attention to your ears.

Oh, and you're pretty SAHweet.