Monday, February 23, 2009

Mannequin Madness

My good friend, Cate posted about the studio's most lovely model a while ago and I thought I should share some of my photos of the lady as well. This doll face helps us in the studio while we figure out lighting, and I have more photos of her than I can count.

Here she is standing in for some of my most recent shoots.

And this is my all time favorite image of her. Yeah, she's cool.

I know she's a beauty, but don't be fooled - looks aren't everything. This girl is not the nicest I've worked with in the studio, not by a long shot. Not only does she refuse to laugh at my lame jokes, (and she is completely hollow) but she even went so far as to attack me a couple weeks ago.

After a very successful studio session, I was returning her to the top shelf of a tall book case when she decided she wasn't done being in the spotlight yet. Mannequin wanted to come down, but I wanted her to go up. As her head swung toward me, I held tightly to the bottom of her frame. Consequently she headbutted me with full force, knocking me to the ground and leaving me slightly dizzy. You should have seen the goose egg on my forehead. I think perhaps she was feeling used by all of us. She's tired of working hard for no recognition. She wants publication for sure.

Here you go, Mannequin. Please don't hurt me anymore.

How about you? Any other BYU associates have photos of our lovely lady? Leave a comment if you do - I'd love to check out your blog.


Michael said...

I took her on a photo shoot in Salt lake one year. Do you remember? She was the best model because she didn't say anything!

Kelli Nicole said...

Lol!! Now I wish I hadn't deleted all those test shots...I suppose I didn't appreciate her enough.

Catherine Williams Photography said...

you made my day whitney! we should start inviting her to hang out with us or something. she really is way hot. i like being seen with hot people.

Kelsey said...

Whitney, you're hilarious. And I'm just saying it probably doesn't take a whole lot to bring you down...

Jess said...

that totally made me laugh!!
i miss you


Michael said...

I think she needs to get out more. No wonder she has a bad attitude. She's probably also pretty cold.