Friday, February 20, 2009

Smith Family

I know, I've been a VERY BAD BLOGGER. Believe me, I am ashamed. I've been spending a lot of time shooting in the studio (something I usually avoid) in preparation for a very exciting project which will be announced later this month. I do hope you will forgive my long absence and just enjoy these beautiful photos of the Smith Family. How cute is their little girl?

I absolutely love the bright colors Kileen chose for their Christmas card photo shoot. And I love the snow. And their interactions with each other. Come to think of it - I love the whole thing.

To see the entire event and order prints click here.

We've probably got a couple more good storms this season. Anybody interested in a winter fun photo shoot? This is especially great for families - let's get some awesome photos of the kids playing in the snow!

View pricing for family shoots here.


Tim and Maria Jones said...

That is so crazy to see Gerald and Kileen from Texas!

Julie said...

They all look so magical! Good job whitney!