Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Daughters of Eve

As promised, here are the images from my BFA final exhibit. I was really proud of the final project. The prints are huge (although they appear quite small on this blog) and beautifully framed by none other than yours truly.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me with this project. My dear husband, Joe, my professors, my photography colleagues, a talented seamstress, a wonderful make-up artist, my co-workers at the museum, the HFAC gallery staff, and everyone who came to see the show and share their kind words. I could not have done it without any of you. Thank you all so very much!

Here's a photo Joe took of me and my grandma on opening night. Can you tell I'm the happiest girl in the world to be finished?

Artist Statement:

Daughters of Eve is a collection of photographs that seeks to honor Eve and foster respect and admiration for women everywhere.

Eve, as the first woman, represents the essence of femininity to me. She was the crowning creation of our Heavenly Father, though her role has been widely misunderstood throughout history. Eve has been accused of great pride and is generally considered the weaker of the pair. She is often represented as a temptress – a fallen creature who led to the downfall of all mankind. All of these misconceptions have contributed to the disparaging of the female sex as a whole.

By the light of the restored gospel, we are able to understand Eve’s divine role in the Father’s plan. She made a choice that set in motion the existence of mankind. She experienced the sweet and bitter in life, always seeking to know God’s will. I honor her decision, I admire her bravery, and I stand in awe of her beautiful daughters who continue on in the legacy she began.

Eve and the decision

Eve as an help meet for Adam

Eve with child

Eve as Mother

Eve developing her talents

Eve, a woman of knowledge

Eve, a woman of faith

Eve fulfilled

These photographs really portray the respect I have for our dear Mother Eve. If you'd like to learn more of my beliefs about the Plan of Happiness, the purpose of the Fall, and the role of our Savior, please visit this link or navigate to www.mormon.org


Joe Blow said...

You did it! Your show was a success and you have now graduated with a photography degree. I love you so much and I'm so proud of all you've accomplished.

Weston Colton Photo said...

Great job Whitney! Awesome images. I LOVE the light coming in on the upper left of the Woman of Knowledge image. Beautiful. Congrats on graduating and your BFA show!

Kelli Ward said...

Congratulations Whitney! Great job. I remember how wonderful it feels to be done.

ps every time I see a pic of your new haircut it makes me happy. so chic.

John and Rachel Erickson said...

Thanks for posting them! They are all so beautiful! The colors on the first one are the best, so rich. My favorite would have to be the one with Tracy, or maybe I'm just biased because I'm a teacher. You look really artsy as well, you can totally pull off the haircut, I'm jealous.

the coltons said...

first of all, you look fabulous - i LOVE your hair. second, congratulations on graduating and on your show. my favorites are the first & last.

Shooting Starchild said...

I love love love Woman of Knowledge! The others are lovely too (especially Eve with Child!). Marvellous!

Whitney Hardie said...

Thanks everybody for your kind comments. Especially the ones about my hair. You know that makes a girl feel good!

jes said...

I saw your works hanging again in the library as I was rushing to a computer class and they made me stop and take in a breath of fresh air and remember how important the greater elements of life are and made me snap out of getting lost in a busy life.

kimberly said...

Whit, it's mom. Is the portrait, "Eve, woman of Wisdom" Karen's mom? I get so excited everytime I go to your site. there is always something new to see. Lots of Love, Mom

Whitney Hardie said...

Mom, yes that is Karen's mom. Thanks for frequenting my blog so you can tell all your friends what a talented daughter you have.

Old Joe said...

Sorry we didn't get to Oklahoma while you and Young Joe were there. I'm anxious to meet the young lady he thought was worthy of spending eternity with. Your Daughters of Eve photos are outstanding. I have to agree, the "woman of knowledge" is my favorite too. I really enjoy getting to know you and keeping up with Joe via your Blog.
Old Joe Hardie
ps good luck getting AT&T to get good internet service to you!

Steve and Ismari said...

Wow Whitney,

You are brilliant!