Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rachel + Blake Wedding

Rachel and Blake were married on a surpisingly sunny day in February in the Salt Lake City Temple. I met them for the first time as they came out of the temple and I have got to say - every photographer should be as lucky as I am to have such great clients. They were so easy going and gracious. It was obvious that they were just enjoying the feeling of newly married bliss.

It certainly shows in their photos. Rachel and Blake, you guys have got a lot of class and a great sense of style. Thanks so much for a beautiful day!

How gorgeous is her dress?
Amazingly gorgeous.

I just love this image from the reception: Dad gives his daughter to her new husband with just a few parting words.

Aside from the image of them coming out of the temple, all of this pictures were shot on my Bronica ETRsi. I love this camera!

Click Here to view the entire event and order prints.


Deb said...

Fabulous photos. I love her dress; it's so classy. That's the best word for all of these photos - very classy. Love it.

Shaylene Carter said...

I love that dress! I like the shot of them sitting on the stairs, the focus on his ring.

Whitney Hardie said...

Thanks for your comment, Shaylene. Isn't her dress just to die for?