Friday, May 22, 2009

Long Forsaken Blog

Dear Blog and all faithful blog readers,

Is it possible it has been nearly a month since I've posted? Sadly, it is true. Joe and I have finally made it to Houston. The weather is balmy, the people are friendly, but the lack of internet is driving me crazy!!

I will not waste space on this blog ranting about how much I hate AT&T and their crappy service, instead I will simply promise that when they repent of their ways and finally get me some internet service, I will respond by plastering this blog with all the lovely treasures I have stored up in the last month. Until then, I remain a weekly patron in the computer line at the public library.

Thank you for your patience.

I hope you all are doing well.

I miss you blog.


Katie said...

Whitney my dear! You made it! I am so glad. I miss you terribly. Good luck with AT&T and the library line. Houston is a lucky city to have you.

Kelli Nicole said...

Um, HELLO. You are welcome at my place anytime. I AM in San Diego, but maybe I should just make you a key and you can hang out there during the day :). But seriously, if you want some delicious internet goodness...and I actually happen to be in town, call me up.

James and Lucy Millward said...

Our blog misses your blog as well. I was talking to our blog the other day and it was like, "What's up with Whitney's blog? I mean, we used to talk all the time, then we went out on that date and it totally stopped blogging to me..." I think our blog is a little bummed about the fallout/potential dumping that it received.