Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today it is your birthday

Dearest Joe,

Today you are 24.

It is impossible for me to describe how much joy and laughter you bring to my life.

Thank you for all of it.

I hope you have the best birthday yet - and here's to many more together.

All my love,


Holly said...

Joe is the most dapper person I know, as evidenced by that second picture. Love you guys!

Old Joe said...

Hey Joe,
When did we get together to take this photo. Good looking pair of fellows don't you think!
Old Joe

Karen and Merrill said...

Joseph, Happy Belated Birthday. This bear pose is awesome. Karen says you and I are true friends because when she and I were in Kanab, I made some very similar poses in front of a bear and a native american (large wooden statues). Chesht. P.S. did you totally sko-je-stotch that water bottle? (sorry I can't spell in Polish.)