Friday, September 11, 2009

100th Post!

Hurray!!! Happy Birthday to my blog - sort of. Anyways, to celebrate this little milestone I will be doing a giveaway. I have updated the fine art collection on my Instaproofs site. (a small sampling is seen below) There are all types of photos there, some of which haven't even been seen on this blog yet. Others of which are old favorites. Surely there is something there to suit everyone's taste.

So here's what to do:

1. Follow this link to check out the photos (look in the Fine Art section)
2. Leave a comment on the blog telling me which picture is your favorite and why
3. Wait for me to announce the lucky (and randomly chosen) winner who gets their choice of 1 8x10 print or 2 5x7's!

You have until Monday at Midnight. Good luck and thanks always for visiting!


TZel said...

My favorite is art_020 because it is calming yet I enjoy the little splash of pink in the Center of the flower. Thank you

Nate said...

I'm like a fat kid in a candy store--there's just too many to choose from.

But for the contest's sake, I'll say that my favorite is the lion with pigeons. I always think of Aslan when I see that one.

Michael said...

Who would not want a whitney hardie original. I know I do. Actually, I already have one, but would love to add to my collection. So there you go I am Officially entering. Miss you~

April HelleDickson said...

Ooh, I like the one of the factory in Utah.
I love the formatting of the shot, the emphasis on the clouds and the undulating light in them, and the colors. Actually, I was picking between this one, the 3 surfers, and the one with the clouds reflected in the water. (All very good). But this is one I want to sit in front of on a dreary winter day and think about happy things.

Jess said...

Whitney dear,

My favorite picture(although they are all beautiful) is

Every time I look at it, it brings a sense of serenity. I would feel honored to hang it in my home:

1) because it's an amazing photograph

2) it would look awesome in my house :)

but most importantly:

3) It was captured by you. :)

Love you Whit!

Caleb said...

My favorite is one labeled "art_005" which is also the first one in this post coincidentally.

I like it because it makes the plants that I know are not that big look like they are huge monster trees.

Holly said...

I love the palm tree photo! If it's the same palm tree I'm thinking of, the thought of you laying down flat on the driveway in order to take it is one of my favorites of our whole Redlands trip!

Kileen Smith said...

Can I only leave a comment about one because I love a bunch! but the Flower print is my favorite, I think it is the best I love plants and flowers and nature and the colors are so wonderful I could see that hanging in my home.

Merrill said...

This is Karen again. I really like 0_11...the one of the temple that shows the wording Holiness to the Lord....I like it because of the colors and how the emphasis seems to be (at least to me) on the words, which show the significance of the building. I'm not gonna lie though...I really like the one with the pumpkins in front of the door too. I love how it makes you feel like autumn is coming.

Bags said...

My favorite, by far, is the last one... number 44. What an awesome shot. It makes me feel like I'm on a vacation.

Katie said...

Okay. This is hard. Really hard. Top three are the pumpkins at the doorway. I have always loved that one. I would display it every fall because it would make me not miss summer so much. The one with the single leaf. That one makes me feel summery and refreshed. But the one I think I am going to pick is the door handles. I LOVE those door handles and I LOVE the way you captured them. I love the lightening. I love the thoughts they bring to mind.
But seriously. The pumpkin picture rocks too.

John and Rachel Erickson said...

My favorite is the one with the pumpkins lined up along the doorstep. I think it speaks to my personality-antiquey (like history), OCD (it's all about the lines), autumish (my grandma only lets me wear clothes from the autumn color palette), simple, with a little splash of color. It reminds me of home. You are amazing!

Kelli Nicole said...

5 and 29! Love those. I love the pumpkin one too, but if I win I'd get those 2 in 5x7's :).

Emily said...

Whitney - This is my first comment on a blog. Ever. I hope you feel special. I didn't know you took that picture of the pumpkins I grew. I love it! But for the purposes of the contest, I think I like the one of the temple doorknobs best.


Ali said...

I just found your blog today, and I am glad that I did! I love your work. For the contest, I really loved art_016. I love clouds and I loved all the blue in it.

Deb said...

Every picture on the walls of our new apartment has been taken by you! I've put off picking one all weekend because I knew they'd all be so good I'd never be able to pick a single favorite. However, since the rules stipulate that I must, here goes...I pick 7. The one with the surfers on the rocks. Speaking of rocks - you rock!

Michele P. said...

such nice photos! I like #34 very pretty flowers and the angle in which you took the photo is very cool. Winters are long here in the Northeast and this flower gives me hope that Spring will soon arrive :)

micaela6955 at msn dot com

oh, and congrats on 100 posts too!

Alycia said...

Whitney, they're all so beautiful! But I think I would pick art-022 because if I had a little girl, that's what would be hanging in her room. I love everything about it. It seems so surreal to me. Oh, and thanks for your compliment on my blog. That means a LOT coming from you. You are amazing!

Elise said...

My favorite has to be the carnival, swings one. WOW WHITNEY. Drew & I were amazed. He didn't know whose photos they were and I said Drew look at this, and he was like WHO DID THAT?! Anyways. It's really great because of the composition and the way their legs skim the bottom of the frame. I really have never seen such a neat movement photograph. And the film look just makes it the best.

We both love it and decided it would go great in our living room (we just painted our walls this gray color and we are accenting the room with cool colors. SO that would go great.

But I also love the pumpkin one. I always have (i think you posted it on your blog a while ago). And the pumpkin one would be fun for fall decor.

I hope I win!

Meg said...

Just pick ONE?! How impossible is that! There are so many fantastic ones (although I don't know how you got out of Austin with only 2 photos). I would have to say I love art_019. The endless skyscape. It's a picture of simplicity in such a complicated world.

LaDawn said...

I absolutely love the pumpkin one! There is something about it that just makes me smile inside! I love the color contrast of the orange against the white, and I think it's just an overall happy picture.