Monday, March 8, 2010

How Magical

How magical would it be if this was the view out of my front window?

This was the most amazing autumn evening at the salt flats a few years back and I felt completely overwhelmed by nature's majesty before me. To this day, looking at these images fills me with gratitude that I was there to witness and capture such a remarkable day when the ground became the sky.

I'm going to try my hardest to conjure these images in my memory when I look out the window, instead of bemoaning the dead grass and scattered patches of snow I see before me. Because you know what? Something just as miraculous is happening outside my window...

Spring is coming.

Yes, slowly but surely it is coming. I can feel it deep inside. I didn't make a single New Year's resolution, but at the cusp of spring I find myself full of ambition.

Be inspired.

Shoot more.


Pursue projects.

Create works of art.

Now that the hazy newborn days have passed me by I have renewed energy to create and achieve. And of course, to revive my long neglected blog. What does Spring awaken in you?


Katie said...

Spring= gardening and more time outside in the hills. I am itching to plant stuff!
Gorgeous pics! What serene colors!

Deb said...

Lovely photos.

Spring has sparked a desire in me to create. Hopefully I'll be starting the herb garden I've been contemplating, but haven't done yet because I need to build a table for it on the balcony. I definitely need a project to work on.

KC Crouch said...

I totally understand. Those first newborn days do take so much energy. But the best is when you can take baby out and enjoy shooting in wonderful weather together :D Enjoy the Spring, and the summer :D

Old Joe said...

WOW! What are you, some kind of professional photographer or something? These are beautiful! I too am really looking forward to spring. I noticed we have some crocuses coming up in Laurie's flower bed. They will bloom by next week. I'll look forward to watching your projects take shape here on your website.