Thursday, June 17, 2010

1/2 Birthday

I know it's late to be posting, but I couldn't let the day go by without having a commemorative post for Ellie's 6 month mark. Here's a little something we put together to document her big day:

Eleanor was just as surprised as we were to realize that today is her half birthday.
Six months already!
Where does the time go?

I asked her what she'd like to do on her special day, and she gave it some thought.
She told all she really wanted for her 6 month birthday was to share with you readers a few of her favorite activities.

She asked me to document it in picture form for her.

Of course I obliged. (she is my daughter after all)

I know she has a choice when it comes to photographers and
I'm glad she still picks me.

Throughout the day, Ellie enjoys sitting all by herself.
She finds these brief seconds of independence exhilarating.
though, she's not one to show too much excitement on her face.

Standing up in and of itself is not all that thrilling...
but she uses the opportunity to cut a rug.
And does she ever love dancing.
Ellie assures me that dancing is only a temporary diversion until she perfects her true passion:
tightrope walking
I'm just glad she's found a calling this early in life.

When it comes to baby games like peek-aboo, it's not the big reveal that thrills her.
She prefers to stay covered and have her own party under the blanket.
And who doesn't love a little quality time with one's feet?
I know I do.
But her very favorite thing of all is a



She's obsessed with it.
All day long she chews,
and chews,
and chews.
I try to get her interested in other things.

"Ellie," I say, "there's a whole wide world out there. Let's go explore the city."

But she just looks at me and says, "Hand over the be bendy straw, lady."
No rattle will hold her interest,
No stuffed animal will do.
Only the straw.
You can see why I'm concerned.

Finally, I'm forced to stage an intervention. I turn to the only thing she loves more than chewing on that straw - looking at photos of herself.

I know she's got a vain streak, but can you blame her?

Here's an old favorite - circa. April 2010
She was only 4 months old.

We look at these photos together and she and I both marvel at how she's grown.

Happy 1/2 Birthday Eleanor Rose!

Thanks for the indulgence - not that you had much of a choice as it is my blog. I promise a return to normal, professional (read: non-baby) posts on the morrow.


MBlack said...


Kelli Nicole said...

Oh my gosh I want to see these pictures every day. She is getting so cute! Favorite pictures - 2nd one (amazing light...amazing), the feet shot, and the 2nd to last bendy straw pic. So adorable and I'm so sad you won't be in Utah next time I visit. I guess we'll have to come to NYC!

Deb said...

Happy half birthday Ellie! Love these photos. Lilia still talks about baby Ellie. And really, how could you forget a cutie like that?

Lindsey Briggs said...

Absolutely wonderful!!! I LOVE IT! thanks you so much for sharing!

Karen and Merrill said...

Love the pictures. Ellie is as always, so adorable! I love the first picture with her and Joe especially. So cute. It's crazy that she's already 6 months old!

haley said...

ADORABLE...and love the commentary too.

Tai said...

Your daughter is gorgeous!!! Happy half birthday Eleanor! (have I at any point mentioned how much I love the name?because I really, really do.)

Katie said...

You just put a huge smile on my face. I LOVE the first two and the one of her big grin. Happy Birthday!!!

Lynette Strause said...

Your Grandma and I checked out the pictures this morning before we went to Stake Conference. She is so adorable! What a great tight rope walker :}

Breanne said...

She is so beautiful! These pictures are adorable!

Mandee said...

Ellie is seriouly the cutest baby! I hope everything is going well with you and your new home. We already miss having you close to us. It was good spending time with you in Branson.

Old Joe said...

I hate that I didn't get to meet you and Eleanor at the big "doin's" in Oklahoma. Sure was proud to hear Joe Hardie won the domino tournament. These pics are outstanding and your commentary is priceless. She REALLY DOES have a great photographer in the family. What a lucky girl.

SBB said...

Whitney, I can't believe she's six months old already! Time has flown. She is adorable.

Janelle said...

Oh my gosh these are sooooo adorable Whitney. I hope you guys are doing good in NY. We miss you here!

Mommazita said...

I have the most beautiful granddaughter in the world and the best photographer for a daughter-in-law. Photos are precious as always. Thanks for keeping us posted on all Ellie is doing. Love you all.