Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hardie Family

That's right - they have the same last name as me. This is my brother-in-law's family and as far as mini-sessions go, they got the "mini-est" of them all.

You see, while the Bloomfield family (see previous post) may have a daughter who loves the camera, Dave and Mandee were blessed with two rambunctious little boys who love to do anything except sit still for family photos. But we still got a few good ones in there.

It helps that my sister-in-law is such a looker.

I know this isn't the photo most people choose to hang on their wall, but I love capturing the moments that say, "This is what having a family is really all about." There's something honest about this image.

What about you? Do you prefer candid craziness or posed perfection? What would a quintessential photo of your family look like?

In ours Joe would be laughing out loud while Ellie chews on my finger and I look perturbed about something. We would all be wearing gray sweatsuits - don't ask why.


Travis Lovell said...

Try to be creative with family pictures and eventually we end up right back to wearing matching outfits?! Gray sweatsuits huh?

P.S. Definitely candid craziness.

Mommazita said...

I love these pictures, too, because they are so real life. what a great family I have. Wish we all lived on the same street.