Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Early Spring

A few shots from Central Park two weeks ago.  Despite what the weather forecast suggests, I just know spring is here.  I love the transition in this time of year.  The violence of bare branches gives way to softening buds.  Winter reluctantly releases her grasp on the world.
I wonder if Todd and Shelly are still together.  Can a relationship expressed through defacement really stand the test of time?


Kelli Nicole said...

These are beautiful!! I love them all. Maybe especially the second set of 2.

Andrew said...


SBB said...

I love these pictures! They are beautiful. I promise I'm planning on writing to you soon. Thanks for all the nice things you've said on Facebook & my blog. Talk to you soon!

Anna said...

I really need to use your services...really. I need new headshots and a few dance shots.

Also, I thought it said Todd + Smelly. Just sayin'.

Old Joe said...

I love to come to your site on Friday afternoons to kill a little time. As usual, you have some beautiful stuff here that alwasy amazes me. Tell Young Joe hi for me and remind him how blessed he is to have such a talented wife and beautiful child!