Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cassius Newborn Shoot

Sweet Cassius was a breathtakingly handsome newborn (with remarkable neck strength) who obviously inherited his good looks from his mum (I can say that 'cause she's British). Great genes aside, though, this family was so warm and welcoming  - photographing their little one was a lovely way to spend the afternoon!

I hope you read all this in an English accent, because that's how I'm typing it.


Katie said...

Oh my goodness! That baby is perfection! These pictures make me want to just mug on him!

Deb said...

Wow! What a handsome baby! Those deep eyes!

Yoko L said...

Thank you Katie and Deb. And huge thank you to you Whitney.

These photos are bloody brilliant! (there you go, just in case you weren't reading this in a British accent!)


Whitney Hardie said...

Ah Yoko - love it! I think you are the bloody brilliant one here.