Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pierlas Family - Seattle Family Photographer

For family portraits, there is nothing better than late summer sun, a picnic blanket and a ton of grass. I shot these last summer and remember thinking how much baby Cassius had grown from sweet newborn to adorable toddler. Time sure fades our memories, but photos like this can freeze a season for a lifetime. I hope Cassius and his mum and dad continue to frolic and snuggle and laugh together their whole lives long.

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Yoko L said...

Thanks! We have these photos all over our home in frames, on our phones, on our computers with screensavers. I just love them so much. One thing that was great was that we were worried the photos weren't going to come out well as Cassius was a little tired and hungry and he wasn't very cooperative. The pictures do not show this at all! what a wonderful skill you have!

p.s. the next baby is arriving in a few weeks. We need you back here!