Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fern's Birth - Seattle Birth Photographer

Where do I begin? Bea is my best friend in the entire world. I love her and all three of her beautiful daughters. She has been with me in birth and in death and in normal every day life. Of course I was going to photograph the birth of her third child. I got the call around 11pm and immediately jumped in the car to drive from Ithaca to NYC. I had 4hrs to make the trip - I'd done it in 3.5 and was speeding just a bit, listening to books on CD and visualizing the beauty and power of the birth I was about to attend.

Fern, however - she had other plans.

Like, "let's be born after 2 hours of labor" kind of plans. Oh, I was crushed to not have been there. But when I walked in, the space was still sacred. My dear friend was glowing, her baby happily nursing, her older daughters yawning excitedly like kids on Christmas Eve, her husband looking on in joyful reverence. In the morning I took some more photos of Fern's first bath and I love these images of so many caring hands surrounding this child. She will have no lack of help and support in her life and we'll all be sure she never lacks for love. Blessings to you sweet Fern - even if I do think you came a little too fast.

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