Monday, September 8, 2014

Sahir Newborn Shoot - Seattle Photographer

The afternoon I photographed this beautiful family was warm and sunny - a perfect end-of-summer sort of weekend in Seattle. Abhi and Elisha welcomed me warmly into their home and I first met Baby Sahir as he nursed contentedly in the arms of his lovely mother. The room was familiar in the way that all newborn rooms are - carefully folded burp cloths stacked amongst packages of yet unopened, untried trappings of baby life. An unused crib full of gifts for the new little prince.

We chatted about the birth, about the adjustment to parenthood, about excitement and exhaustion. As I began photographing, the love and devotion of parents to their child unfolded naturally before me. This is part of my job I really enjoy. It is my privilege to witness these early days when it takes two to change a diaper and swaddling the babe is a joint activity. Tired eyes are full of wonder as we all admire his flawless features; his dimples and ready smiles. Baby Sahir is a perfect addition to this world, and I'm glad I was there to document his beginning.


Jessica Hernandez said...

You are so incredibly talented Whit. I love all of the pictures. The one of him smiling is just too much!! So much love in these photos.

Love you friend


Karen said...

What a beautiful family! That little dimple and he got Daddy's nose! Love these photos!