Thursday, February 5, 2015

Audrey's Birth - Seattle Birth Photographer

Here is the lovely birth story of my dear friend, Misti - one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had the privilege to capture. It was late on a February evening when Misti called me to say she was in labor with her third child. I headed over to her home and joined up with her birthing team: husband, midwives, and nurse and we all settled in excitedly for what we assumed would be an evening of birthing.
But birth is a mysterious thing indeed, and for inexplicable reasons after a night of labor no baby came and contractions started to taper off. Big sister Ella was slightly sad to go to school that morning with no new baby to show for all the strangers that greeted her upon waking. We all went home as Misti and Paul caught up on some much needed sleep.

More than a week later I got the call - it was happening! Upon entering their home I could tell that this was different than before. Labor was in full swing and nothing would be slowing it down this time. Misti worked so hard throughout the night and in the lovely light of morning a beautiful (and big!) baby girl was delivered into the world. We were all overjoyed - and I remain extremely proud of my dear friend for her strength, her patience, and her remarkable maternal instinct.
Welcome, dear Audrey - we are so glad you're here.


Kate said...

This is beautiful!! I'm planning a homebirth and due in 12 days and this is just what I needed. Thank you!

Katie said...

Oh Whitney! These posts always make me want to cry with happiness! You truly are wonderful at capturing all the many unique emotions, both of the father and mother, that are present during these literally, once in a lifetime events.

Whitney Hardie said...

Kate - I am so glad these photos are meaningful to you. All the best for your upcoming birth. I hope it is a powerful, beautiful experience.

Rebecca said...

This post made me cry! Amazing. You've totally captured the struggle and the sweetness. I love seeing Mamma's, Paul's and baby's emotions. Very touching.