Thursday, December 1, 2016

Favorite Humans - Seattle Senior Photographer

I met these kids when they were still kids! I stood nervously in front of a few 13 year olds, overly chatty and social in the face of their shy disinterest. I wanted them to think I was cool, wanted to impact their lives for good. Why did teaching youth Sunday School make me feel like I was back in middle school?

It was such a pleasure to reconnect with each of them recently - even if just for a few minutes. Looking through my lens I saw clearly how much they have each grown and matured in the last few years. I'm so excited to see the things they will accomplish after high school - there is so much adventure just ahead! These young people stand on the threshold of adulthood with so many changes ahead.  [I still want them to think I'm cool -  and that may never change]

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